Dished Ends

We are a leading Dished End Manufacturer in Bangalore. We have been offering an ample array of products that includes Fabricated Dish End, Single Piece Dished End, Duplex Material Dished End, 32mm Dished end, Dish End Elliptical Heads, Dished End Torispherical Heads and so on.

All our products are accessible in a variety of specifications, designs and dimensions. In addition to this, we have been providing the array in small as well as large volumes as per the requisites of the customers. Our products are offered in a range of formats with horizontal as well as vertical installation provision according to the needs of the clients.

DP Test for Dished End

32mm 3.8meters Dia Dish End

Conical Head

The Conical head also known as the cone shell, is a kind of head shaped by stamping and hot formed, the shaped like a vertebral body. It is generally divided into conical head with flanged edge and conical head without flanged edge. Because the shape of the conical head is not complicated .So the manufacture of conical head is relatively simple. It has a special parameter which is the cone Angle.

The Conical head has the advantage of being easy to collect and write out the solid materials. It is often used in various pressure vessels and pressure pipelines, and it is generally suitable for atmospheric pressure equipment, as well as in the link transition between two pieces of cylinder with different diameters.

Elliptical Head

The Elliptical Head is the head composed of two parts : the rotating elliptical sphere and the cylindrical straight section. Elliptical head with a ratio of 2.0 to the length and length of the bus of a rotating is traditionally called a standard elliptical head.

The mechanical properties of elliptical head are second only to that of semi-spherical head, but better than dish head. Because of its good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in low and medium pressure vessels. In recent years, it is convenient to manufacture large diameter elliptical head because of the spinning technology.

Flat Dished Ends

Flat Dished Ends also known as flat cover, is also a common chemical equipment head. Flat Dished Ends geometric shape has circular, elliptic, long circle, rectangle and so on, the most commonly used is circular flat head. Circular plate as a medium pressure, will have two to the bending stress in the plate, So the wall thickness it needs is much larger than the wall thickness of the same diameter cylinder, more bigger than any other head required thickness.

The head of pressure bearing equipment does not use flat plate generally, especially the container with larger diameter is not suitable for flat head. Flat head almost used for manholes and hand holes that often need to be removed in pressure vessels, end covers for some heat exchange, blind plates for closed nozzles used during equipment maintenance, etc.

Hemispherical Head

Pressure vessel mostly used hemispherical head as the head, Its advantages are the minimum surface area under the same volume and the thinnest thickness required under the same pressure condition, look from the save material and strength, is the most reasonable.

Usually used in high pressure vessels. The unflanged spherical head is connected to the simplified body with an Angle weld, which is commonly used as the middle head of two independent pressurized Chambers in the container, or as the end head.

Spherical Crown Head

Spherical Crown Head is to remove the straight edges and excessive arcs of the dish head. Leaving only spherical parts, the head can be directly welded on the shell, commonly used as a container compression of two separate room in the middle of the head, also can be used as a end cover.